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Leverage your intranet to boost revenues and improve passenger experience like never before.

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According to Global Data reports:

The global spending across

​ ​60 major
cruise markets

has increased by more than

 ​60% year

over year

resulting in total revenues of

billion in 2024

The Cruise industry is highly competitive, and digital transformation is becoming more and more an asset for differentiation.

Cruise ships seek every day how to achieve a spectacular passenger experience, and Beyond Technology has the most innovative solution at your fingertips.

A cruise line can improve revenue through digital transformation​

Key Features

Transform your passenger experience from GREAT to AWESOME!

Beyond ca​n help!

Identifying and developing digital solutions such as:

  • Disruptive and attractive messages (photos and video) to increase sales and build loyalty.
  • Precision offers based on passenger preferences.
  • New source of income: sell advertising to your providers.
  • Push notifications by location.
  • Passengers can find their way just like on Google Maps.
  • Locate where your passengers are to provide bar service, food, etc.
  • Control who has access to all areas of the ship, including employees.
  • Surveys.
  • Data analysis.
  • Managed, optimized and self-healing Wi-Fi network with AI.


We at Beyond Technology, together with our solution partners, have the technical capabilities and expertise to support the digital transformation journey. ​

Identify and develop Digital solutions through POCs/ POVs​ .

Define and co-plan a new marketing strategy and start to learn all about your passenger preferences through prior and current selection of products and services, to their desires and expectations, in order to create targeted and individually curated campaigns on board.​

Scale these solutions across your fleet.​

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