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We can help Mobile Operators to improve the affordability of smartphones, encourage more new customers and close more contracts.

The Trustonic device financing solution enables them to make Android smartphones more accessible and affordable, extend more credit, while managing commercial risk & protecting against fraud and theft.

Innovative and Secure Device Financing Model

The Trustonic solution is a fully managed cloud platform that is customisable and secure enabling device management of all major Android OEMs, through a single portal.

The service encourages timely customer payment, by sending messages direct to the customers handset ‘nudging’ them to pay their outstanding bill, then restricting access to device features if they do not pay – reducing operational cost by improving efficiency in customer care, as well as increasing the amount of customer bill payments. 

Once payment is made in full, the phone can be swiftly and easily unlocked, restoring the customers ability to use all the features of their device.  Meaning the Mobile Operator is in full control of the whole process, with a fully branded, easy to use, customised solution.

Close more opportunities. Protect your assets.

Trustonic allows you to lower your overall risk profiles. This helps you to accept more customers looking for financed devices to increase your sales..

Mobile Operators can customize their own policies: When and how to send notifications to the user, which functions to block, and the conditions to release the device's usage.

Disincentive resellers and thefts to avoid losses from fraud and protect your business revenue by only allowing device activation through Trustonic's Telecoms Platform.

Reduce the complexity of enrolling, protecting, monitoring, and deactivating your devices. With Telecoms Platform you can manage all your devices from one place.

How it works?

Mobile Operators can configure their own policies according to the contract and services assigned to each customer. Trustonic will show notifications and manage the device's functions accordingly.



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You will learn how to:
      1. Enroll your devices
      2. Configure your policies
      3. Automate your financed device management
      4. Protect your assets along their whole lifecycle

Moreover, one of our experts in Business Transformation will help you design the best way Trustonic can match your business' needs and expectations.

With Beyond Technology you will achieve a deep Business Transformation.

Our Device Financing Risk Reduction solution comprehends the 4 pillars of our technological model in which we integrate Technology, Value, and Intelligence to support the operational, collaborative, and earning transformation that a business experiences when deploying Trustonic.

Working under this technological vision, and with a clear understanding of the industry and the business' challenges, we design customized projects that adjust to our customers' technological adaptation phase, budget, and people.

Together we can help your business overcome the industry's toughest challenges!

Ready to start? Deploy mobile security and protection to Transform your Business.


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