DDoS Protection in Real-Time at a Scale

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Beyond Technology working with   Corero   a    leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS attack protection, on-premises, and in the cloud solutions. Providing  comprehensive visibility, analytics, and reporting.

Detection and Mitigation in real-time  at a scale

In the era of multi-cloud, IoT, and 5G, cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. DDoS attacks in particular are continuing to increase in magnitude, frequency, and sophistication, and service providers and enterprises alike need to explore ways to augment their existing defenses with solutions that offer faster, more effective protection at a lower cost.

The IP network should be an integral part of the modern security solution as the first line of defense against volumetric attacks. Telemetry, machine learning analytics, and network programmability can make the detection and mitigation process more intelligent, automated, and adaptable.

DDoS Protection Smart Benefits

Maintain business operations and services with zero disruptions. Protection from the growing threat of DDoS attacks.

Remove manual intervention with automatic protection of the Corero SmartWall solution that effortlessly integrates with existing network and security technology

Total environment protection from damaging DDoS attacks with on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployment options.

Meet ever-growing business demands with always-on, real-time, pay as you grow DDoS protection.

Forensic-level analysis and reporting before, during, and after attacks with Corero SecureWatch® Analytics tool.

How it works?

The DDoS protection Solution Corero self-heals the network through rapid identification, precise decision making, automated mitigation at strategic places in the network, and continuous monitoring 


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You will learn how to:
      1. Reduces DDoS mitigation costs by removing malicious traffic at the network edge
      2. Automates responses to stop DDoS attacks in seconds 
      3. Improves visibility with always- on packet-level monitoring, delivering detailed actionable intelligence before, during, and after an attack
      4. Expands protection capacity to tens of terabits per second 

Moreover, one of our experts in Business Transformation will help you design the best way Corero can match your business' needs and expectations.

Solution Components
Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Director

Corero SmartWall TDD represents a breakthrough in real-time volumetric DDoS defense, offering the following features:

  • Packet-level inspection for accurate volumetric DDoS detection
  • Scalable to tens of terabits of volumetric monitoring and mitigation 
  • Automatic filtering via machine analysis, for intelligent mitigation 
  • Real-time response, with time-to-mitigation measured in seconds 
  • Closed-loop feedback to eliminate false positives 
  • Full log resolution for seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years 
  • Packet sample forensics of both allowed and blocked traffic 
  • Splunk-powered analytics, reporting, alerting, and automation 
  • Open integration APIs for autonomic response and SecOps 
  • Mitigation signaling via BGP, NETCONF, Representational State Transfer (REST), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and cloud  

Together we can help your business overcome the industry's toughest challenges!

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