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Beyond WiFi

 by SoCifi

WiFi Monetization & Data Mining solution pack

I want to monetize my WiFi access

Convert WiFi into a revenue marketing channel

This platform is a cloud-based captive portal solution that helps you manage turn your WiFi network it into a social marketing/communication/connecting channel for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and large venues such as airports or stadiums.

Connect - Collect - Communicate 

Provide a great user experience and get instant customer feedback


Control Management

Authentication Method

Bandwidth Limiting

Privacy & Safety

SMS Authentication

Session Time Management

Targeted ADS

Day Parting

Demographic Targeting

Device Targeting


     Connectivity Agility

Cloud service

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Wi-Fi Vendor Agnostic

Premium Paid Internet (PayThru)


Monetization Management 

Marketing Campaigns

Billing Model 

Big-Data Analytics

Various Communication Formats

Do you still have questions? Talk to one of our experts who will guide you through a transformation solution.


Start Generating Results


With Beyond Technology you will achieve a true Business Transformation.

See Beyond Content Platform in action and understand what people say without speaking a word

  • Our more than 30 years of experience driving business transformation, will give you the power to convert your conventional WiFi offering to higher revenues, obtain a new and effective WiFi social marketing and get most of the relationship with your users, visitors & customers.
  • Guest WiFi for Venues & Sponsored Data Solutions for Enterprises.
  • Market Place for Carriers, Advertisers & Sponsors.

Working under this technological vision, and with a clear understanding of the industry and challenges, we design customized projects that adjust to our customers' technological adaptation phase, budget, and people.


Get on the trend of what of your audience's connection.

Smart Transports - Arrival Halls and Vehicles

Passengers tent to connect more frequently and longer in transportation hubs. Support own sales (up sale & cross sale), offer WiFi media space to advertisers, collect valuable costumer feedback and give passengers a voice

Businesses - Shopping malls & Store Chains

Turn unknown visitors into customers with Guest WiFi. Promote tenants, shops around, local and fresh meals, regional and hyper-local deals. With account hierarchy; each store/venue can be separated while still benefit from ad supply CMS, prefered deals and joint settings.

Smart Cities - Municipal WiFi & Public Venues

Allow people to connect while they are on the go, reducing their mobile 3G/4G data bill is a trend. WiFi becomes a norm and even with better coverage and lower rates, also transfers over 50% of global data consumption.

I want to monetize my WiFi access

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