We implement Business Intelligence to digitize, optimize and automate vehicle management through a wide range of technology integrated into a single solution.

Fleet management and logistics 4.0

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We integrate intelligence and technology to logistics for integral monitoring of the fleet, maximizing its productivity and guaranteeing its safety during operation.

Fleet   management

Sourcing and distribution activities, supported by a digital logistics strategy, play an essential role in creating the value chain and, therefore, have gained relevance in the competitiveness of companies today.

With the help of technology, intelligence, and services, Beyond The Wheel helps companies transform their Transportation Management systems.

In this way, we improve service quality and time and productivity, profitability, and safety for our fleets or 3PL and 4PL specialized partners in advanced logistics.

We focus on ensuring the safety of the different aspects of your fleet:


Protect your asset investment with continuous fleet status monitoring and real-time tracking.


Track the location in case your products have been stolen or separated from the vehicle to prevent losses.


Continuous monitoring and promotion of good driving habits are essential for the driver's physical integrity.


Our platform allows you to stay up to date with technology while helping you be profitable and reduce costs.

Anti Jammer System

Detects the presence of Jammers used to interfere with the signal of GPS equipments.



Discover how our fleet management solution will transform your business.

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  3. Optimization and automation features available.
  4. Improved business metrics after BTW implementation.

With Beyond Technology, you can achieve a complete Business Transformation.

​We design solutions based on the four pillars of our technology model: Technology , Value, Intelligence  and Transformation for companies seeking disruptive changes in operation, collaboration, experience and performance by integrating Beyond The Wheel.

Thanks to our technology vision and a deep understanding of the context and challenges of the industry, we can tailor our solutions to any company, adapting to its staff, budget, and technological stage. 

We help you overcome the most critical challenges in the logistics sector!

Want to go beyond fleet management? 
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